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Success Mindset Drives Everything We Do

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Transform Innovative Ideas Into Market Position

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Reputations Are


Our Belief:Daring People
Change The World

We Question The Traditional, We Are Rebels

Our clients breach the boundaries of the Earth’s atmosphere, develop life-saving medical devices destined to save millions of lives, and enrich human interaction through boundless communications networks. They are adventurous publicly traded operating companies, fund managers, and sophisticated start-ups – free spirits among their peers. Like them, we are disruptors in our craft. We dream big. We create anew.

Reputations Are Earned

Our clients know us as the best of the best at crafting custom-designed patent strategies that become the foundation of their success and the power behind their products and valuation. We start by drafting creative, enforceable patents. For us, this is only the beginning. Our clients also rely on us for a high level of insight atypical of the traditional patent lawyer – we become partners with our clients to optimize their patent assets and company resources to support their efforts to dominate markets. Our work elevates our clients to the next level and beyond.

The Right Patent Experience Matters

Cultivated from both conventional and unconventional experience, our team has deep technical and legal expertise earned through our passion for innovation, legal strategy, and excellence. Together, we have nearly four decades of patent procurement and portfolio management experience representing some of the largest and fastest growing private and publicly traded companies in the world.

This Is Our Passion

We regularly lead patent diligence on 8- and 9- figure deals for both targets and acquirers. We work with funds to evaluate risk of investment in portfolio companies and with start-up executives to develop a custom-designed patent strategy that bolsters their investor narrative during capital raises and beyond. We work as partners with our publicly traded clients to fiercely carve out new opportunities and protect existing market position. We know how to craft successful patent strategies because we’ve lived it from all angles.

Our Testimonials

“Working with Holly has been wonderful. She is easy to work with, smart, efficient and insightful. Holly broadens our patents, and I can still understand them completely.  She has been the catalyst and implementer of our strategy of protecting fundamental approaches while adding numerous barriers to entry.  Holly has made our IP a competitive advantage.”


Peter Galen

Chief Innovation Officer at Hemex Health

“Working with Summit Patents, where the value of the patent is discussed at the onset and the patent is created as a team while considering company strategic goals, has been a great awakening. Holly and her team have taken time to learn where I am strong in the patent process seeks my input in those areas. By listening to our goals and taking time to understand ProMedix, Holly has provided a great foundation for our IP Portfolio and provided coaching allowing me to assess and understand both tactical and strategic aspects of intellectual property. Summit Patents is a great partner for us as a start-up biotechnology company.”


Steve Baker

Chief Technology Officer at ProMedix, Inc.

“Holly is a patent zen warrior. We have been fortunate to have her navigation skills as we travel uncharted waters of discovery that are so pivotal to the ultimate success of our portfolio companies. Holly combines patent and business expertise to deliver extraordinary advice and service. We have been so very fortunate to be the beneficiary of Holly’s expertise and wisdom.”


Michael Lubitz

Founder and managing director of Ideaship Fund

“Holly Johnston and her team have been so supportive, knowledgeable, and timely. When navigating the patent legal landscape, she is certainly someone you want to work with to uncomplicate the legal process of filing patents. Holly and her team are always concise in emails and quickly follow up with phone calls if matters are not easily understood. I highly recommend Holly to anyone looking to pursue and manage patent filings.”


Stephanie Muhlenfeld

Founder and CEO of The Squad Nation and Phoenix Apparel


Our Clients Are For Life

Human interaction fuels our work

This interaction breathes purpose and meaning into our engagements. We build trust in our client relationships by always doing what is right, not what is easy. In each client engagement, we begin with “why” not “what.” We ask questions, we listen – we imagine with our clients.

We are your strategic patent partners

We know our clients’ technical experts perform best when their minds are applied to innovating. Every moment taken from those tasks must be spent wisely, especially with legal counsel. That’s why we consider ourselves strategic patent partners – our communication style and focus on relationships allow us to truly transform our client’s ideas into what matters most to innovative companies – asset value and market position. This fresh approach to client relationships comes from decades of practice and learning in a myriad of environments from the board room to a research facility, from field testing to a negotiation table. Our clients view us as strategic partners, not “legal services.” We do our best work when we understand our clients’ best work and what drives them to do it. We are not your average patent law firm – we are curious; we listen; we pivot.

Success mindset drives everything we do

We believe in our clients because we’ve vetted and refined their vision, product, and patent strategy with them at key moments along their journey. We understand that market position is everything to an innovation centric company. We apply our expertise and acumen to drive purpose into our clients’ evolving patent strategies. We feel at ease with uncertainty, find beauty in the impossible, and honor risk and challenge as tools, not barriers.

Creative innovation equals long-term success

Our clients are prolific experts across a vast range of industries and technologies, yet they all are courageous and bold. We embrace these traits to challenge assumptions alongside our clients, which allows us to counsel from an innovative and creative perspective that is focused on long-term success. We rely on our experience and intuition to develop creative solutions and forge relationships that go beyond the typical service provider framework. At Summit Patents, we find creative solutions to usual and unusual challenges because we understand how patents factor into the risk-reward ratio of business opportunities. We combine experiential wisdom with our relationship-centric practice to support our clients in their quests to disrupt markets, conquer new ones, and improve the human experience.

Benefits of choosing Summit Patents

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Custom-Crafted Patent Strategies

You can rely on our custom patent strategies as the foundation your business needs to thrive.

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Our Clients Are For Life

Our approach fosters thriving lifelong client relationships. We do what is right, not what is easy.

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Experience Matters

We honed our skills in the big firms. Our decades of conventional experience shine through in all we do.

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Success Mindset Drives All We Do

Our faith in your success is a result of our refined vetting process. The outcome is win after win throughout all key moments of your journey.

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