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Create Successful Products

Our clients create some of the most successful products on earth. They collaborate across large technical teams and invest heavily in executing their vision. We advise corporate and IP counsel to nurture a culture of innovation with their technical teams and develop strong patent assets that protect their products, target competitors, and capture opportune white space. Our decades of experience in developing portfolios around the products, divisions, and technologies fuels our trusted client relationships

Expand Your Dominance

Our drafting skills run deep with each patent asset we procure – we learn the tech from our clients’ best and brightest experts then apply our knowledge to create a clear, purpose-driven patent asset. Our portfolio management principles center on finding value, giving practical advice, and shoring up the protective wall that the assets protect so you expand your dominance. We map the assets to the products, which guides future development and secures company investment. We forecast portfolio needs by monitoring for gaps in patent asset protection for key products and features.


Peace Of Mind

Our pre-filing diligence helps us identify breakthrough technologies that disrupt markets and propel companies further into market dominance. The same diligence gives the dynamic patent strategy we develop with you clear purpose. We excel at pre-launch product clearance investigations and have done extensive freedom-to-operate work. Our product clearance work provides peace of mind because it is based on tactical competitor analysis and disciplined evaluation.

Growth & Expansion

Our experience leading patent diligence on 8- and 9-figure deals spurs client growth in strategic acquisitions. Our extensive expertise in evaluating targets for acquisition is rooted in our passion for creating a strong, enforceable class of patent assets for our clients. Our collaborative approach allows us to partner with and support our in-house counsel to carefully manage inventor relationships and C-suite needs alike throughout all aspects of the patenting process, portfolio management, product launches, and corporate deals.

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